Trade Across Chains Natively With Unprecedented Speed, Efficiency, and Control.


Experience native cross-chain trading with deep liquidity, advanced limit orders, and lightning-fast execution.
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Cross-chain Meets High Performance

Lightning fast

Trade across chains in seconds, with faster time to finality than any legacy cross-chain solution.

Endless Liquidity

Trade any order size without non-linear price impact.

Hyper capital-efficient

Experience as low as 8bps spreads with total protection from slippage or MEV frontrunning.

Native trading

Move natively to your destination asset without exposure to wrapped assets.

Secure and fully non-custodial

With zero liquidity pools, DLN is designed to shield your trades from risk.

Limit orders

Set precision limit orders for total control over cross-chain trades.

Trade natively
across chains with
razor-thin spreads

Move between any assets with absolute capital-efficiency, and zero price impact on single-asset trades across chains.

Never lose another cent to slippage or surprises

Whether you’re trading a market order or a limit order, DLN guarantees you’ll receive your specified buy price or better.
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